Alternative wedding decorations with British Made Gifts

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, and making your special day stand out from the rest is paramount!

Are you planning your wedding? Are you looking for new and alternative ideas to ‘wow’ your guests?

British Made Gifts are making it easy for you to create one of a kind, personal wedding trimmings. With our constant mission of inspiring creativity… why not turn your hand to designing your very own wedding decorations. Here are just a few ideas to inspire the designer within…


We have fabric banners available in three sizes; 3x2ft, 5x3ft and 6x4ft. They can be custom designed from start to finish.

Our banners are a great way of showcasing your cherished photographs to your wedding guests, as well as display a cute message welcoming or thanking your nearest and dearest.

With an eyelet is each corner, they are easy to hang although we can take special requests for the placement of eyelets as every product is made to order.

Add images from our own online gallery or use the internet to save and upload pictures of your choice.

Guests will be utterly impressed with your skills and you can even design your other decorations to match and fir your colour scheme perfectly.


Bar runners

Decorate the bar at your wedding, or your table tops with our totally customisable bar runners.

We have hundreds of designs or you can create your own from start to finish. Our bar runners can be included in your table centrepiece or scattered around the venue to catch the eye of your guests.

Add photos, text and images matching your colour scheme and you could even give them to your wedding guests as a gift when the day is sadly over.

Our bar runners are super absorbent and will soak up any spillages – as we all know that they are inevitable!

Available in large or regular sizes, they are a perfect addition.


Welcome mats

Our floor mats are such a unique touch, that can be used more than once on your wedding day to welcome your guests as they arrive.

Have it at the entrance of the church, at the beginning or end of the aisle and then move it to the entrance of the evening reception.

This ‘never been done before’ idea will contribute to the whole personal decor of your special day.

They are also non slip, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over!

Have fun and get creative designing your entrance mat.


Wedding car headrest covers – see below.

Our car seat headrest covers are made from a unique stretchy material that allows our design to fit majority make and model wedding cars.

Start decorating your wedding day before it has even started by personalising the wedding cars!

They can be transferred into your own car after the big day.

Once personalised and ordered, the covers come as a pair for both the driver and passenger seat.

A fantastic gift idea for the bride and groom to be before the wedding.

Do you have any other ideas in mind?

If you have any other ideas or special requests in mind for your wedding day, please contact us as we might be able to help you to fulfil your vision! And if your wedding day is approaching fast – congratulations and good luck from the British Made Gifts team.

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