You can now be anyone you want with these ground breaking, full head masks

Some may say they are unnerving, some may say they are unbelievably realistic.

A Yorkshire company have created a new idea that allows you to be anyone you desire at the click of a button.

British Made Gifts have invented a full head mask that lets you transform into your best friend, your worst enemy or your celebrity idol.

Using 3D technology, shoppers can use the website to upload an image or selfie and adjust the face to perfectly fit the mask and if they wish, add stickers and customise the product.

The British company thought of the idea after selling thousands of their horror range FaceSkinz at Halloween, including some of the freaky designs below:


Managing Director, Lance Dentith stated ‘After the sales of the Halloween collection rocketed, we wanted to think of an even more unique idea for customers and practical jokers to be able to laugh out loud at all year round’.

When the company launched their new website in April, it was the perfect time to incorporate the new product launch.

‘This new idea is just a bit of fun, and as our website is so easy to use, adults and kids alike can get creative when customising the FaceSkin’.

The company also do some hilarious designs including Fry Up face:

Image courtesy of @MarshallJulius

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