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Beach Towels

Our beach towels are hand crafted here in the UK using 300gsm microfibre towelling, which is lighter and more absorbent than cotton towels.

We use our in-house digital dye sublimation printing to bond vibrant colours to the superfine fibres.

Each towel can also be personalised with names, text or images, or you can create your own from start to finish!

Your microfibre towel will absorb water faster than conventional beach towels and air dries quickly. Microfibre is also very light and will need much less room in your holiday case so everyone in the family can have their own.

Other features include;

• 58″ x 39″ approx
• Extremely light
• Fast air drying
• Machine washable
• Air dry only

Microfibre has a looped pile surface and is directional, if brushed in the opposite direction small flecks of the white surface will peek through, this is minimal at best and expected of knitted microfibre.