The power of creativity – It’s time to get creative

It’s time to get creative

Since launching British Made Gifts in April we’ve seen some fantastic designs being created through the website on our custom products – this fills us with happiness you see, as our ultimate mission is to encourage customers to get creative and spread the fun!

Why do we care so much?

We are obviously happy to have the resources to be able to provide you with pre-made designs as well as the ability to customise our products, but we want that to be the inspiration to your ideas, because when you design something and it looks good you feel proud and that’s the ultimate goal.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

Life can get crazy sometimes and it is proven that being creative is good for your mental health, it relieves stress, renews brain function and improves your mood. Creative activities impact the body in a way similar to meditation. It’s like yoga for your brain. Give yourself permission and time to get lost in the process.

It has been reported that taking part in creative tasks produces new neurons, which are vital for maintaining your central nervous system, this can also contribute to overcoming emotional and physical health challenges. And when you’re feeling down, doodling, designing or attending a creative class may just release those ever so important endorphins.

‘Logic will get you from A to B, creativity will take you everywhere’

Creativity is the act of turning your imagination into real life and bringing something new into being. It allows you to perceive the world in new ways, make connections and generate solutions. It involves two actions; thinking and producing. But, can anybody be creative?

Yes, you can learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synthesising information. Just like learning a sport, it requires practice to develop.

‘Doubt is part of the creative process’

It’s now time to try your hand at designing some new creations with British Made Gifts. You can select any of our products and use our designer app to make something truly spectacular, whether you’re young, old, male, female – creativity isn’t a competition. And what a way to say I love you to someone than with a one of a kind gift that has been designed by you.



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