Personalised Sports Factory – Open for Business!

L&S Prints Digital Ltd have launched a third platform to add to their growing portfolio of consumer brands.

Personalised Sports Factory is primarily an eBay storefront that has been set up on behalf of a variety of Football and Sports clubs. The team at PSF will manage everything from design, listing, customer service and marketing via the shop in return for use of club licenses.

The new brand will coincide with the current platforms, L&S Prints (printed fabric) and British Made Gifts (personalised gifts).

As a company L&S Prints has, on occasion supplied the sports industry with fabric, banners, flags and other products. Throughout 2018 the number of orders for the industry rocketed following the partnership with Leeds United Football Club in May.

Leeds united football club with one of our printed towels
LUFC with a beach towel at the airport shop

This later sparked the idea of using current knowledge and expertise on selling via eBay, Amazon and other third party applications to sell on behalf of clubs worldwide.

After weeks of development, the Personalised Sports Factory shop has finally gone live this week with products and designs for Leeds United FC.

The company are in talks with a number of other clubs who are interested in Personalised Sports Factory selling personalised merchandise on their behalf.

Managing Director, Lance Dentith stated ‘I initially thought of the idea after scrolling through eBay and finding a large number of listings for unofficial merchandise, whereby the clubs wouldn’t see a penny of the royalties. It then dawned on me that L&S Prints had the knowledge and resources to do this legally. It was also apparent that there was a huge gap in the market for personalised sports merchandise, so I approached my contacts and set Personalised Sports Factory in motion.’

Screen shot of the eBay storefont

‘We have invested a lot in the business over the past year or two and we are ready for the shop to take off, in the same way as our other brands’.

Personalised Sports Factory are looking to develop the brand further by partnering with more clubs to supply on a wholesale, drop ship or for the clubs to be a part of the new project. If you would like to know more about this venture please contact us hello@personalisedsportsfactory.com






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