Drop Shipping Service

Drop Shipping Service

Here at British Made Gifts (L&S Prints) we offer a reputable and reliable drop shipping service with a fast turn-around, high quality and fast shipping service.

The main concept of drop shipping is selling our products with your designs. Working with drop ship partners is not only a product acquisition model, but also includes product fulfilment.

Our process works by taking orders from your online business and forwarding them to us.

We in return, manufacture, quality control check and ship the product to your customer on behalf of your company.

The biggest benefit to drop shipping is the ability to offer a large selection of product without purchasing inventory upfront and managing that inventory.

Drop shipping can also be a great tool to help diversify your inventory and test products.

We already off this service to a number of large companies:

  • Firebox
  • Kico Products
  • Artylicious
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Rooby Lane

What we have to offer:

  • No start up fees
  • Competetive and fair pricing
  • Fast turn-around (5-7 days shipped)
  • Your customers recieve a product that supports/enforces your branding and packaging etc.
  • No need to hold stock (stockless retailer)
  • Low risk for you (Have lots of products available but none in stock)
  • Excellent customer service

How it works:

Step 1: You email the order to us along with the customer’s name and address

Step 2: We manufacture and send the product directly to your customer, with your company’s name/branding on the package

Step 3: We charge you the wholesale price, plus shipping

Step 4: Your customer gets a product from your store shipped to their door

If this is something you are interesting in, or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.